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Symptoms of Schizophrenia


False, fixed, and firm beliefs about self and others like people are conspiring, others are giving messages through their gestures, under surveillance.

Disordered thinking and speech

Having a peculiar or nonsensical way of speaking or writing. Sometimes irrelevant too.


Hearing (like voices of 2-3 people commanding to do something) and seeing things that others can’t. Bodily sensations that have no medical explanation.

Unexplained irritability

Unexplained irritability or mood fluctuations, gradually increasing in frequency and severity.

Strange body positioning

Strange body positioning like not responding for a few minutes to a few hours, sitting in an awkward posture for a long time.

Unable to sleep

Inability to sleep or concentrate.



Dr Ashweeja Nagesh

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Keerat Kaur

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Sumit Puri

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Parag Sharma

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Garima Salonia

Consultant Psychiatrist

Akashdeep Ghosal

Lead Clinical Psychologist

Divya Prasad

Clinical Psychologist

Aayushi Jain

Clinical Psychologist


Clinical Psychologist

Stefi Jadhav

Clinical Psychologist

Ishneet Sodhi


Nidhi Ohri


Ankita Sethi

Psychiatric Social Worker

Abhishek Kumar Jha

Sports Psychologist

Kamana Tiwari

Sports Psychologist

Ravinder Pal Chawla

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Sandeep Kumar Bhalla

Vice President – Growth & Sustainability

Jatinder Kaur

Assistant Manager



Peaceful Living

MindPlus offers the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Surrounded by lush green open space, MindPlus is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and recharge your mind

Modern Amenities

Laundry facilities, a kitchen and dining space, a yoga and meditation room, a field for cricket and badminton, an outdoor game area, round-the-clock access to a psychiatrist and a counselor, and a 24-hour ambulance service are all available.

Healthy Cuisine

Dieticians create our daily menu to provide balanced, nutritious, and flavorful meals to satisfy everyone’s taste.

Entertainment Options

TV, sports, a gym, picnics and outings, and other leisure activities are available.


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