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We, at MindPlus Healthcare, have been dedicated to the cause of saving lives of individuals with mental illness, reinstating them in society and restoring their ties with their families. Our team at Mental Hospital comprises experienced Mental Health Professionals including expert psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. We follow a patient-centric approach for the treatment of psychiatric illnesses and addiction, integrating medicinal treatment with psychological intervention, tailoring the treatment in accordance with the patient’s needs and requirements.

  •  36+ years of experience
  •  Largest Team of Mental Health Professionals
  •  Intensive Inpatient Programs and Structured Outpatient Services.

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World class quality of service

100% Confidentiality

Personalised treatment plans

Adherence to ethical practices

Qualified & experienced team

Clinical evidence-based programme

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Our Team

Dr. Kunal Kala

Founder / Medical Director

Dr Ashweeja Nagesh

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Pankaj Mahal

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Keerat Kaur

Consultant Psychiatrist

Counselling Services 

    • Psychological assessment
    • Individual Psychotherapy
    • Supportive Psychotherapies like

      • CBT
      • Behaviour modification
      • MET
      • others
    • Relationship/Family Group Counselling

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    An Individual Psychotherapy/ Counselling Session aims at:

    • To correct misconceptions regarding illness
    • To impart the coping skills for tackling provocative situations or triggers
    • Instill optimism in the individual and provide realistic feedback on mental health issues.
    • It simultaneously emphasizes the potential reversibility of the conditions and highlights the need for change in approach and attitude.
    • Introduce and engage a client in treatment to enhance motivation
    • To help individual improve interpersonal functioning and enhancing social support

    Frequently Asked Questions


    is mental illness treatable?

    Yes it is. With proper psychiatric treatment and psychological intervention, all mental illnesses are treatable.

    Will the patient need medication throughout his/her life?

    The frequency of medication and the period over which it is administered, both depend on the kind of mental illness being treated. In a few cases, medication can be stopped after sometime but there are certain illnesses that might require medication for a long term or for life.

    What is the role of counseling in treatment?

    Like medicines, counseling plays a pivotal role in the treatment of mental illness(es). It helps the patient overcome his/her mental illness and regain control of his/her life.

    What do I do if I’m worried about my mental health?

    If you’re worried about your mental health, tell a friend or family member or contact a professional. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about your problems – but only you know if you need help and who can help you. 

    If you need ongoing support and care, consider seeing a psychologist or having a medical check-up.

    Are there cures for mental health problems?

    There are many treatments for mental health problems. Mindplus hospital helps you to cure these health problems through its smooth and effective Cures for Mental Health Programs. 

    The programs offered at this hospital focus on assisting patients with the process of discovering the root cause of a disease, encouraging the body’s natural healing powers, and prescribing proper diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes that can be essential to overcoming your specific phobia or anxiety disorder.

    What Our Patient’s Say

    A word from patients treated by our mental health professionals.

    It was a great session. The strategies are simple and relatable. It’s interactive, and interesting. As a Corporate leader, I’ve found the session as a useful resource tool for my workplace and look forward to more of them. Much needed in the New Normal.

    Rohan Rai

    It was truly an engaging session with great insights on how to deal with the current situation, and how to use Mindfulness along with some great strategies as a great tool to handle ourselves in these difficult times. Looking forward to more such insightful sessions.

    Tushar Singh

    They have helped me understand how to deal with my anxiety and distractions in my life. The sessions as a whole are inspirational and thought-provoking. This session has helped me feel calmer, more focused, think more clearly. I can make more informed decisions now, I can sleep better, and I have increased energy. I am so grateful for such sessions.

    Mili Sham Whittman

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