The Time Has Come.

For Change. For Well-Being. For All.

According the NMHS (2015-2016), over 150 million Indians require assistance with their mental health. Shrouded under stigma, discrimination, lack of resources and awareness, mental health is risen from being the need of the hour to the need of a lifetime. We are ready to help you and your community experience well-being at its best. Are you?

Mind plus Foundation

Mindplus Foundation is a nonprofit organization to enhances the mental well-being of society. Our goal is to assist people in discovering the benefits of mental fitness and overcome life’s challenges with a positive attitude


What do we do?

Our organization is led by a team of qualified and experienced Psychiatrists and Psychologists that work to provide better and more enhanced mental health to people all around the country.. The Foundation’s slogan, “Mental Fitness for All,” and integrated healthcare approach provide a network of mental healthcare delivery mechanisms to the most vulnerable members of society.Since childhood, efforts are made to foster our physical health – making sure we eat the right vegetables, get enough exercise, take our vaccines, all of it in an attempt to garner good physical health and prevent any possible illness. After all, ‘health is wealth’! But physical health does not determine the entirety of our health. We often neglect our mental health and in doing so, miss out on half the wealth we could have had!

Some of our big projects within these initiatives include free camps in rural areas, workshops for advocates and corporates in which we help people who are dealing with mental health issues everyday by organizing various sessions on Mindfulness all over India.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with the Mind Plus Foundation, and we’d love to hear from you whether you’re an individual, a group, or an organization.Your participation can assist us in creating a world where everyone has healthy mental health.


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Your Participation can assist us in creating a world where everyone has healthy mental health

How do we do it?

All the resources and the funds gathered by Mind Plus Foundation are used in conducting free workshops, Mindfulness sessions,camps, Online therapy sessions etc for the people suffering from mental health issues.

Our vision