The Ultimate 5 Day Workshop For Stress And Anxiety


Learn The Biochemistry and Neuroscience Of Anxiety, Initiate Self PST & CBT And Get Rid Of Stress And Anxiety.
My Time Tested Techniques Has Helped More Than 100,000 people and it could change your life too

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Ahmed Saeed
Ahmed SaeedOccupation: Psychologist
About: Mr. Ahmed Saeed is a Psychologist. He completed his Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology from the School of Allied Healthcare and Sciences, JAIN Deemed-to-be University, Bengaluru. He uses eclectic therapeutic measures to lead his clients to the desired therapeutic goal. He has also done research in the field of drug addiction and other psychological health-related issues. His areas of interest are substance use disorders, Anxiety and mood disorders, and Schizophrenia.

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What You Will Get In This Value
Packed 5 Day Workshop

Day 01

You will learn about anxiety, Its neuroscience and biochemistry, and How to activate the brain hardware to heal anxiety. A practical worksheet to analyse your anxiety score
Led to kickstart your healing journey
Duration: 25 mins

Day 02


Understand the role of the body physiology in combatting anxiety, Brain training to focus on positive and research-backed exercises to get miraculous effects

Led you to become a more positive and relaxed mind person
Duration: 25 mins

Day 03


Learn the Practical exercises to calm the sympathetic nervous system, ANB system and square breathing, mindfulness meditations for a relaxed mind.

Help you to get control over your nervous system in tough situations, will help you to get a peaceful life

Duration: 25 mins

Day 05


A practical guided meditation, AAA formula for anxiety mastery, you will learn healthy habits to combat anxiety and a 3 hours live face to face group session with Dr Peeyush Prabhat

You will learn secret AAA formula to master your anxiety and you will be able to ask questions directly to DR Peeyush Prabhat

Duration: 3 hours

Day 04


You will go through the thought transformation process, and learn the perspective shift ritual and CBT exercises to relieve anxiety. Practical worksheet to practice alternative thoughts

Help you to change the thought process and how practically you can relieve anxiety with PST and CBT

Duration: 25 mins


What s Inside This 5 Day Course